Bible Study

Enabling Hour is a refreshing spin on bible study. It’s a time to fellowship and dig deeper into God’s word in a relaxed environment.

The Vision

Set up a bible teaching programme to benefit the church, the local community and interested people from other churches.

The Purpose

  1. Create an opportunity for people to come and study the bible
  2. To provide an opportunity for people who want a formal qualification to gain one.
  3. To enable people to have a brief overview of important and relevant tools for ministry
  4. To equip people to better serve the church and the local community.

        The Options Available

Option 1.

Free bible study. Open to all to come and study the word of God.

Option 2.

Those who want to gain some form of qualification will do extra work and receive certification for units completed.

The courses and conditions:

  • All courses will be free to members of Hallmark ministries. We only ask for an offering
  • People from other churches who would like to take up the courses will be offered the opportunity if they submit their names by 1 May 2013
  • After the 1st of May 2013 a small fee will be required.

Purpose of the fee:

  • To meet over head costs
  • To pay for stationary, resources, certificates etc.