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I was baptised into Jesus when I was 19 years old and I have always loved Jesus from being a young child. Jesus blessed me mightily in my early adult years, and through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit I was able to point others to the love of Jesus Christ. However things slowly began to go wrong due to my complacency and disobedience. I began to suffer, not just the wrath of the world but even more detrimental to me, the wrath of God. Recently I hit rock bottom as a result of alcohol abuse amongst other sins I committed due to weakness of the flesh. I felt suicidal and knew I needed divine intervention. I decided to randomly visit a church led by Rev. H. Williams and found the whole experience very humbling.


I heard the Lord talking to me and felt Him comforting me through His Word. A month after and I am still going, and my spirit is getting stronger and stronger by the day. I have put a life of alcoholism behind and no longer drink alcohol. My soul feels revitalised and I am privileged to be able to serve and worship the Most High. Jesus has shown me mercy and I will be forever grateful to my Saviour. Fellowship with the brethren is wonderful; we share the same things in common -we all need the Lord and we all love the Lord.

What a mighty deliverance! Praise Jesus forever and ever amen!

Shaun Estridge.


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Ever felt alone? Depressed? Unfulfilled? Worthless? Ever been rejected? Well this was the story of my life up until 2007. This was the year in which I answered the call of my Saviour. I can’t lie and say it has been easy ever since but trust me. There is deliverance, healing, hope and restoration in the name of Jesus Christ. So despite the storms that rage and the winds that blow I KNOW that my Redeemer lives and will not cause anything to overtake me… or you for that matter. Why not trust God today? Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom to show you that HE is the rock at the bottom!

God bless you.

Sadê Antonio-Patterson

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